DUSTI GOMERY contemporary painter

Life in Bold Colour

Encouraging my viewers to look again at
something they thought they knew,
and to see it in a new way.

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DUSTI GOMERY contemporary painter

Dusti Gomery

… is a self-taught artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta.  Dusti’s passion for art began as a young child drawing with pencils and coloured markers.  Over the years her artistic adventures have included oil painting, acrylics, fibre arts, and even forged steel sculpture. 

While Dusti uses various subject matter in her artwork, a large focus is exploring the urban world around her, primarily documenting various Calgary and Canadian landmarks.  

Several artists that inspire and inform Dusti’s work hail from the Group of Seven, including Lauren Harris, A. J. Casson, and Arthur Lismer.  Dusti has always been fascinated by the way the various artists in the Group portrayed the Canadian landscape, and through their artwork, were able to influence how others perceived this beautiful country.  Dusti endeavors to do the same by painting places around her city and country that are historic or where she feels there’s some value in preserving them.  

Her use of bold colour and high contrast bring vibrancy to her work and give her paintings a very contemporary, fun feel as she strives to take the everyday, the mundane, and the old, and give it new life in bold colour.

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